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Quality Control

The Turks economy is generally based on exports; so Turkey; It is a country that has to constantly follow developments and innovations, keep up with them in the fastest way, produce at the optimum level and sell its products to abroad.


While the production environment in Turkey has been continuing at this pace for years, there is a wound that bleeds unintentionally and has been accepted but not adopted by most of the business people: “Quality”.
Since most manufacturers in Turkey have to profit from the version, they cannot concentrate on quality control at the desired level.


So, even when ordering from a large, well-known manufacturer, having your orders checked by an external independent representative or team will greatly increase your work efficiency from the very beginning.


Our recommendation; The best thing is that you come to Turkey yourself and control it yourself. At this point, you should look at the size of your order, as well as the comparison of the costs you will make to the visa, plane and hotel and whether it is worth it. If you cannot come by yourself, it is indispensable that you have this control with us or a similar company based in Turkey, especially if you are starting to work with a new supplier, you should never let go of control to a certain level.